Much appreciation to the Garuda Team

good day to all at Garuda! =-)

my first post will be this rambling thank you for this most excellent of operating systems (insert air guitar rif of choice here) and the fantastic resource of these forums.

i dove headfirst into Linux via this Arch rolling release about 2 weeks ago and haven't looked back.
i've only booted back into windoze7 once to scavenge a file and upload it somewhere.

the only issue i had was the ac97 sound pop and fixed it in minutes (once i had my third cup of coffee that morning).

my rig is a custom build i put together myself in 2012 and steadily upgraded over time.

i7 3770k
msi z77a-gd55
msi gtx660 sli
24gigs kingston hyperx
2x120 gig kingston ssd's
2x480 gig kingston ssd's
antec 750 watt psu
all logitech peripherals - g510 kb, g502 mouse and 5.0 speakers
asus 1080p monitor.

dual OS system - each of the 120's have their own OS and it was literally painless to set up, balenaetcher live stick ftw.
i had to do a fresh win7 reinstall and i knew by instinct to unplug the other SSD's when installing each OS, go figure >.>

i'm currently running Garuda through a sata 2 socket (lmfao) and i'm very impressed with performance and boot time, which is the same as win7x64 on the sata3. (twin SSD)
i'll migrate the drive to a sata3 socket on my next hardware maintenance.

i'm keeping windoze 7 around for the odd game and for debugging/fallback purposes, in case i mess something up here, which is damned-near guaranteed ^.^

my next task is to nit-pick the g15 driver package to get my keyboard's LCD display to do something other than a shine brightly lit model logo.

i have been itching to ditch the big-tech losers for quite some time and just want to express my most profound appreciation for providing me with the opportunity to do so.

P.S. i have recommended this OS on social media a few times already and i want to send you epic bastards a nice donation for your work.

again, thank you! =-)
Michael Joseph


So glad to hear you're enjoying Garuda. You will likely hit a few speed bumps along the way as rolling distros are challenging for those unused to such rapid changes. You however, sound like you're up to these types of challenges.

It takes a real "can do" attitude to to truly enjoy using a rolling Distro, and you sound exactly like you have what it takes to tame the Wild Stallion (insert air guitar rif of choice here).

Many thanks for the donation to the project, and welcome to the forum Michael.


nothing worth having is without challenge and i welcome it.

your well earned donation is inbound in a couple weeks, i gotta wait for that paycheck >.>

thank you again for your work, it's second to none as far as i'm concerned and i've been around a while =-)

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thanks to this distro and it's team, every time i boot into windows i'm provided a prima facie reminder of how much it just sucks grimy unwiped ass.
i'm never going back.

thanks Garuda team! =-)


I don't mean to hijack a thread, but this seemed like a good place to post, given the title.

I also left Windows for Garuda. As an arch noob, the more I learn about arch the more I respect all the default settings and GUI options. Everything from the ILoveCandy setting in pacman.conf to the update command to FireDragon to the venerable Garuda Assistant. And everything in between. So much customizing done for me, hours and hours of work. Thank you all.


And also don't forget, everytime you install Windows a baby kitten is killed.



i own 2 pugs and i woke up to this today!