MTP device is recognized, but i can't find the mount point


I use the latest garuda os with kde 5. I connected my galaxy tab s2 via mtp ( I can see it and transfer files in dolphin), but kde 's disks and devices in system tray shows no devices available. I need to find or create a mount point to add a folder from that device to strawberry music player. Thank you in advance for your help.

Sounds like a KDE bug.

Try starting your computer with your device already attached via USB.


Hmm kde MTP stuff doesn't actually mount in a sense that u can't access its mount directory "I have searched alot about this"
however there is a really easy and great Package for this
go-mtpfs it's available in aur
This was made by someone at Google who hated this stuff


When you use dolphin to see contents, check the actual address in Dolphin (Ctrl+L) to get the mount protocol and path.


MTP isn't something you mount like mounting pendrive. It's a protocol, the same way how HTTP/HTTPS, FTP/SFTP, etc. works. The mobile is the server and the PC is the client.
Do you mount every website you visit?