MS Teams of browser breaks the desktop env

Hi! I had a meeting a few days ago and I used MS Teams to connect to it and when I shared my screen, both of them went dark and I had to restart. The meeting went well, but at some point I had some moments when the displays were like blinking. After the meeting ended, everything went to normal, but every few minutes my desktop went dark again...and again...and again. When I tried to run a diagnostics to see whan daemon is affected, the system went down and was't booting...

That was a terrible experience and I really hate to say that but I will move away from Garuda for a few months to a year in hope that I will return to something more stable. I really enjoyed using Garuda, but I don't want to reinstall the system every time I share my screen. I was using Garuda Dr4gonized edition.

I am writing this ticket here in hopes that you identify the problem and fix it. Hope you the best and good luck.

Maybe, possibly, it could be due to the M$ software?

We will never know, because if it was Garuda, we don't have anyone here to test it.
Also, you do not provide us with your inxi -Faz as requested in the template.
You don't mention where you got this software from and how it was installed.
Is the whole thing running under wine?

You don't know.
But nice that you want to try it again with us in a year. :slight_smile:

Translated with (free version)


I was using the AUR repo from the Garuda software center.
And I was running it from the browser because I wasn't able to run it on desktop because Microsoft...

And no, I tried it in wind with no success.

You're running MS software on Linux, so you may be waiting longer than that. Or, use the thing you need to use for work.

However, Teams (both in browser and the standalone application) works perfectly well for me, so it's quite possibly a local configuration issue. However, you have provided no detail about that, so I'm not really sure what help you expect to get?


I got it from the included software center. Nothing more, nothing less. I did not mess arount with any config. I had basically a fresh install.

I might be wrong, but I seem to recall a very similar issue reported with zoom, and the situation improved a lot disabling the compositor and possibly desktop effects, before sharing sessions.
Even better would be using a different DE, like xfce, if this aspect is really important.


Hello! I am back on Garuda and it happened again. This time, you can not throw Microsoft under the bus. I just came back home and clicked on an app on the taskbar(or dock) to minimize it and both of my screens went pitch black. The primary monitor had some green and blue lines afterwards but they went away after 2 seconds. I can't give you a diagnosis because the shortcuts were not working and I was basically blocked.

OS: Garuda Linux Dr4gonized
App clicked: WhatsApp for Linux(Downloaded from the Add/Remove Software)

I am sorry, but is the secound time this happened to me.

I don't know. I am searching for logs to give you, but nada. If someone has an ideea where to find something that will indicate what actually happend, I am opened to sugestions.

Seems a WA problem, apart from that I don't like WA.

pamac or octopi?
Use only pacman, yay, paru for installing software.

Use pamac only for searching and infos.

Sorry I got crazy today :smiley:

It never did something like this. It was a coincidense that I clicked on that specific app. If it was let's say...Kate, it would be a Kate problem too? There are already 2 things that made this OS go kaboom.

What ever. I am going to leave it at that and take it as it is. But I hope that a third time will be the last time you blame someone else...

Note: Add/Remove Software is the default software center that Garuda comes(as a fresh installed OS). You should expect people to use it.

You need to be a little more specific with the information. We are not psychics.

Then it is octopi, on old ISO's it was pamac that make some trouble, so I have to ask.

Seems we remove octopi too, because KDE does not use the name of the app but always takes Add/Remove.

I am sorry. I did not catch the era when octopi had a name. So, what you are telling me is to remove the software that I installed with octopi and reinstalled with pacman or yay? Or maybe pamac?

Then it is octopi, on old ISO's it was pamac that make some trouble, so I have to ask.

As a suggestion, If it makes problems, than It should be removed and replace with something that is not so troublesome.

it is better to use pacman in terminal, you got a lot of feedback (IDK in octopi)
Mix of installer can be difficult too.

Look in Help / about

It is not octopi, it is Pamac 10.3.0-1.

it is better to use pacman in terminal, you got a lot of feedback (IDK in octopi)
Mix of installer can be difficult too.

Look in Help / about

BTW I use pamac and octopi only for searching and info.

Rest is up to you.

Ok. Let's leave it at that for now...

In Linux there are only 2 hard and fast rules:

  1. If you install M$ apps in Linux and something doesn't work correctly, it's Microsoft's fault.

  2. See rule 1, (it's always M$'s fault).


Rage quit all you want, go back to Windows. Once you enter the Linux world, most especially anything Arch-based, you entered the culture of DiY computing. This DiY computing is obviously not for you.

... most of the stuff does the package manager also at arch based distros, diy is more like lfs builds :wink:

Arch-based are DiYs, it is distinct compared to beginner distros like Linux Mint, Zorin, Pop! OS. DiYs are not that easy, but can be used practically for daily driving.

LFS is basically for academic use, I don't think it is practical for daily driving due to lack of update facility.

I would qualify the remark concerning Arch & Arch-based. Most of the problems I've seen over the past few years are inherent to rolling release models which, of course, encompasses the above.

Prior to Arch I ran a number of rolling release bleeders/leaders, Debian being the most prominent. And a DIY attitude is required for the most comfortable usage in any of them, experience suggests.

The LFS meandering is spot-on. It sure does kill a lot of trees. :wink: