Moving to another garuda linux with my data?

Is it possible to change garuda linux versions (in my case Garuda Linux Dragonized gaming edition to Xfce version) with my data? for example can i take a timeshift from my Dragonized edition and restore it on Xfce version?
also i mean, not a backup but a restore of how it was on the oher system, except for the looks.
sorry, its hard to descripe what i want.

No, because your snapshots will get removed when you reinstall. Also, even if you did preserve the snapshots, restoring them would revert the install and put you back on the version you were on before.

What you could do is backup your home directory and restore it in the new install. shouldn't because that will probably partially overwrite the new config info with the old and you will have a hybrid mix of plasma/xfce config.

What I would recommend is taking a backup of your home directory and then only restoring the specific application configs you need.


As with about every other flavor of Linux out there, you can "add" an environment & switch between them. Logout of one, then log back in with the other. As for "same except the looks" thing well, you will have to tweak the new environment just as you did the old one; sorry. The great @dalto nailed it with the setting back up (snapshot) senario. Not a good idea to restore one environment setting into another one. Monster Hybrid or totally broken... bad mojo.

I keep a few home folders of past installations that I created with rsync on a usb stick, and I have a "plain" one in which I keep only the general configs I need in any distro - bashrc, vimrc, etc. I never bother to copy my files to new systems because it's really not that much anymore, but if I did I'd just have to copy everything visible from the full backups and then the hidden stuff from the plain one.


But unlike most distros, the Garuda desktop looks depend heavily on custom config packages, which means you may get some files overwritten/conflicting, and therefor there is no official support for doing this. So if the op really wishes to

and fully experience the other edition then this is probably not the solution.


Yeah, we see that conflict much. Rolling releases for example. Not every upgrade is a good thing.

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