Move (clone) boot sata disk to larger nvme ssd drive


Report everything you have already attempted to solve your problem.

I boot from sata hdd with 2 partitions.
I installed a pcie m.2 drive that is two times the size of the sata disk.
I used 'dd if=boot_sata_hdd of=bootdisk.iso bs=1mb'
I used etcher to burn the iso to the ssd disk ..
all things being equal.. boot flags, gpt, /boot/efi etc...
the extra space on the ssd was empty space so formated it to btrfs

Using fsdisk -l , lsblk , hwinfo to identify all the devices uuid to make changes to fstab.

Failed to boot...
nvme drive has same uuid as original sata drive.

Use a Garuda live boot disk to see if your new drive is recognized if you start the Garuda Installer. On some systems nmve drives are not recognized properly.

You have not included your inxi -Faz as specified in the help request template. If you have an Intel based mobo then you may need to alter a bios setting. If you'd included your inxi -Faz output as expected, I would not need to ask.


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