Mouse Wheel Sensitivity

Hello - Is there any chance mouse wheel sensitivity settings will be added? I noticed they are in the Fedora KDE distro. It something I really wish more Linux distros had. Thanks

Piper works and is in the AUR.

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Thanks for the info, but can you say for sure it allows you to set wheel sensitivity. As in how many rows it will scroll, versus the default of 3. From my search on the program, it only works with some mice, and while it does allow you to map certain things to the wheel, it doesn't appear to offer a simple solution to change it's sensitivity.

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If no one on the Forum knows this package the chances for you to get an answer would be slim.

In the meantime I'd suggest you try here AUR (en) - piper-git
That is the GIT version, the non-git doesn't have anyone commenting Arch Linux - piper 0.6-2 (any) so I think you could have answers if you ask on the git page. :slight_smile:

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