MOUSE firekey not working

HI my mouse's fire key is not working i hav a Zeb TEMPEST+ but its firekey is not working in garuda linux

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  2. in the terminal try xev, focus the window and press the button. If some text appears in the terminal, then it's just unbound

Also isn't such a button usually considered cheating in pretty much any game


how do i make it bounded

no its is legal to an extent

are u gone

I ask you with all kindness not to be "pressing".
This is not the first time I have seen this attitude. See here.
The fact is that we helpers here are all volunteers, unpaid, giving a little of our time when possible.


umm if u dont mind i dont what is pressing and i am sorry if iam harsh


thanks alot sir and sorry if i was harsh on you
must be my language skils issue

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By "pressing" @filo implies:

Adding pressure, or being insistent on being helped when an assistant does not answer quickly enough for your liking. In other words, learn to wait patiently for a reply.


Thanks, @tbg! Most likely bad word used... Taken from football (at least we use that English term :blush:)


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