Mouse cusor freezing

my mouse curser has just started freezing on garuda kde,if I leave it sit for a while while not noving it it freezes and I have to so a hard shut down and restart to fix it

That kind of sounds like a USB power saving issue. You can disable USB powersaving entirely with a grub kernel boot parameter. Not at my computer, so you'll have to search for that.

This will of course result in increased power usage, but that's your call as to which is more important.

Welcome to Garuda.


it is only doing it on garuda manjaro and arco linux are fine

Then, of course, you must use the other DE's.

No inxi (as text), no help.

I like to move it and closed.


I didn't ask you if your mouse works properly on Manjaro or Arcolinux. I gave you a suggestion to troubleshoot your issue. If you do not want to implement the suggestions moderators put to you then as @SGS has already noted this post might as well be closed.

Did you open this thread to resolve your issue, or did you merely open the thread to bash Garuda. Your reputation precedes you from other distros, so chose your words more carefully on this forum. We have little patience for users wasting support time here. Either you want help and you follow the suggestions experienced troubleshooters give you or simply use one of the OS's you listed that works properly with your irreplaceable mouse.

BTW, you never even stated if it was a Bluetooth mouse. If that is the case I would use another type of mouse. You also never stated if this happened after a recent update. Being a Linux user for many years you should be well aware of what type of information is required on help requests. We track Arch's updates exactly, Manjaro holds updates back sometimes for 3 weeks. So, if this happened after a recent update Manjaro might not have applied the same updates yet.Either way it's irrelevant because if you use Garuda then you need to learn to post proper information and not simply troll our forum.

Frame your next response carefully, because I'm well aware of your disruptive, contentious, confrontational ways. At Manjaro all you ever did was complain the distro was rubbish and state you were leaving for good multiple times over. Now on our forum you claim they are working great for you. Knowing well your past behaviour this seems more like a deliberate trolling than a legitimate help request.

Don't think you'll get away with the type of behavior he that I've seen from you in the past because that will not be permitted.If you wish to participate on our forum you better drop your usual antics.