Mouse cursor disappears after login. Works fine on login screen

Typing from my phone so do not have a copy of garuda inxi. Apologies.

HP Pavillion
i5 4th gen
16 gb

Everything was fine a week ago. Came back this weekend and after i boot the laptop everything is still fine.
I type password and CLICK on login using trackpad.
I get logged in then mouse cursor disappears and no clicks or right clicks are there it avts as if the trackpad isnt even there. While it works fine on login screen.

I press ctrl alt T. Do garuda-update it updates but still the problem is there.

Please help :pray: i am really new to this OS.

I tried to search the web and forums for this issue, apparantly no one else had this particular problem.

I am not so good with just using keyboard to do things i need my mouse pointer…

Try to switch your display from wayland to x11. The sddm screen (The login screen) should have a small drop down right below the password field. Click on it and select x11 (or xorg).

If that doesn’t help go back a snapshot from grub and restore it if your mouse pointer is visible there and wait a while for whatever bug this is to get fixed.


Its working in X11. Thanks. I am.not sure what difference it would make for a person like me to use x11 or wayland as long as i can use my device. Thanks mate.

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