"mounting" (?) existing HDD's in a dual system

Hi, probably a generic question not specific to Garuda.
i have added a Garuda instance to my desktop PC on a separate drive - no problems. In the PC i have a number of HDD/SSD that i can see in Dolphin and can copy data back and forth, however how do i "mount" them properly so i can use them for data storage/manipulation with software applications installed on Garuda ?

How to do this so i can use the other drives for both windows and Garuda for data ? HDD is formatted as NTFS.
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Thanks Naman - Perfect advise and now sorted on Garuda :slight_smile:

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And then add the drive to /etc/fstab using the UUID the utility gives you. Reboot, and Bob's your uncle. :slight_smile:

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Err you mention Dolphin, so you probably shouldn't use GNOME stuff. KDE works fine all by itself.

That's your opinion, I think gnome-disks is one of the best tools if you are a beginner and need a GUI.

I install it on KDE, XFCE, i3wm .... :slight_smile: just everywhere.


Gnome disks is a great program for beginners and it gets the job done easily. However, it's choice of mount options isn't always best IMO.

Also, if you're looking to watch media over a network share learning how to mount via fstab is often required for stutter free viewing on KDE.


I have "GNOME stuff" installed in KDE Plasma, and use them near-daily. What bug crawled up your butt? I thought you knew better. :slight_smile:


But there's nothing like Disks for KDE... Sadly.. :slightly_frowning_face:

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