Monitor refresh rate keeps resetting


Every time screen blanks out in time out, it resets back to 60Hz and, weirdly display settings for the monitor open.

I'm using a monitor that I don't see a profile for...

Just did my first install of BSPWM distro.

I tried KDE, too slow, I was spoiled by InstantOS...

So far love everything!!!!!!! Might switch permanently.

Much more information needed about your setup, hardware, etc. etc.

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4x4 Box 4800u, 64gb, 500gb m.2, 240gb ssd, BTRFS, MSI monitor Optix MAG342CQRV via HDMI from 4800U APU, no external card here.

Monitors max refresh is 100Hz but that's not sticking

OK , found ICM file on MSI site, where should I copy it to? There's no option to point to file in Color Profiles.

No copy... Reporting bugs | Garuda Linux wiki


Check the monitor settings and ports to make sure it is set up with a "PC" input. HDMI blanking can cause the display to power off, then when it powers back on it looks like a "different" display, thereby resetting back to defaults.

Also worth trying a different cable if you've got one (or e.g. an HDMI->DVI converter) to rule that out as a factor.


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