Molex to SATA - lose all your data

Do NOT plug your HDD/SSD in Molex to SATA cable. Experienced three forced shutdowns due to my stupidity. Thank god it wasn't a Windoze box, and all my data is safe


Not sure what you're talking about. I've used molex to sata power adapters on lots of drives without issues. Some of my old WD Raptor drives had both molex and sata power plugs.

Perhaps I simply don't get what you're trying to say.


I guess you are the lucky/picky one, as this became a meme because of bad manufacturing habits with these cables, and I just experienced a bad cable myself. Although I heard a couple of times that there are certain good manufacturers who do not solder grounding cable to the main power, the overall consensus seems to be "s-&t, let's just get better power supply, f-%k this"

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Hmmm... My newest build was a fully modular power supply so I don't think I used any adapters in that build a little while back. A couple of other older computers I'd built I used quite a few adapters as I was using a lot of internal drives,

Wow, that's all news to me. Maybe my old stock of adapter cables came from reliable manufacturers back when and the new stuff is now junk. I'd never heard anything about this before.

Well good to know.


Actually, I never knew about this either until I started to suspect it yesterday, as I already replaced my data SATA cable two times, there was either an internal drive failure or a bad molex to SATA power connector. As no data was lost in the process and drive failed at random times, rather than just not starting at all... well, there we are. No molex to SATA connectors in my build from now on.