Missing GUM tool

Maybe I missed it after watching the video twice… but how do you launch the new Hyprland config tool?

I’m not sure, but I think it might be this one:

The keybinding noted there is Mod+S, or you could just run the script (~/.config/hypr/brain/brain.sh).

Hmm, maybe this is something only installed with the new release? I don’t have G-Hyprland or ~/.config/hypr/brain/brain.sh.

So Super + S opens up the G-Hyprland install, install it, restart, then when you reboot, you can use Super + Shift + G to bring up G-Hyprland config options. Most of the options will have you restart, though you can change multiple before restarting. Was this what you were looking for? Those are the default bindings at least.

Open /etc/skel/.config/ and copy gum_implementation in to your .config folder.

cp /etc/skel/.config/gum_implementation ~/.config/