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Way to () go!! :ok_hand:

How about giving some luv to the gnome-dock too? Always-on-top visibility, auto-hide, intelligent-hide, delays, floating features... you know, all that fun stuff? My 2c

This won't happen because we planned to overlay only packages in need of critical fixes. In this case, latte-dock needed to be fixed because several dr460nized functionalities are basically broken on the current stable release and no further stable releases are likely to be happening soon (the maintainer advised to switch to git asap). Since we moved away from git versions wherever possible, this was the preferred solution. GNOME however doesn't even ship extensions, therefore it's not a critical situation by all means.


This is really awesome , i will try dr40nized edition again after this happens :grin:


I get your point and I couldn't agree more so take this as a personal opinion if you will but there's nothing 'not broken' about a dock that is always invisible and requires the use of the keyboard to interact with it. And tbh I don't know the technicalities about the code required to fix it but I can't see how this would be a difficult thing to do and maintain.
Plus, Ubuntu does it, how can't Garuda do it too? :wink:
But hey, I'm just a random user voicing my concerns about a Gnome feature, nothing to do really with Garuda. So, [rant more off] and good luck :vulcan_salute:

If you are taking about the GNOME thing, it's nothing we ship by default so why would I care?

Ubuntu freezes their package versions while we keep it rolling. Plus, we made our experience with GNOME extensions and therefore the answer stays no. We are not Ubuntu and don't take them as role model either :slight_smile:


But Ubuntu popular so Ubuntu best​:sweat_smile:


Yep the best excuse for not using it by a long way Ubuntu lost its way 12 years ago.


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