Minor system anim lag | KDE

I am wondering if small display lag is normal for KDE Plasma, when I click an icon to open an application and the little icon jumps by my cursor it lags a bit and also when I minimize/maximize windows. If it is not normal then does anyone know why the lag occurs? And when I mean lag I mean some small stuttering in the frames.

Ryzen 5 3600
GTX 1660
16 DDR4

Well, it is completely smooth for me, even in 4 gb RAM.

I suspect that it is related to graphics card.


No, current KDE Plasma is good to go. Like Naman suggested, it's possibly the result of video card.

Suggest you play around with animation settings in the system settings area. If you use the Garuda kernel manager, you might find a performance difference by using another kernel. Try the last one, the next one (experimental) or perhaps there even be a kernel optimized for AMD/Radeon graphics.