Minor Issue - Incorrect Icons for Weather Widget

Greetings all!

I have a question about a minor issue. I use KDE among all of my computers, and I use the built in Weather Widget. On the other systems the icons are displayed correctly. However with Garuda the icons are incorrect, and don’t match the current weather.

Here’s what it looks like for Kubutu 22.04

Then what it looks like for OpenSUSE 15.5

And finally for Garuda -

Again just a minor issue, hopefully it’s easy to fix. Thanks!

Sorry, we have no control over the
weather in Oklahoma City
weather app and where it gets the pictures from.

For the sake of fairness, please also send the garuda-Inxi.


That is kind of funny! :joy:

A major disadvantage of the BeautyLine icons is you always need an umbrella! :cloud_with_lightning: :umbrella:

happy gene kelly GIF


If you use kweather it looks a little nicer. It’s in the normal repos but not installed by default. Says it’s a mobile app but looks/works just fine. I pin it to my taskbar.


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