Migration to Garuda

I want to migrate my second laptop with Endeavour to Garuda Gnome. I will format / partition and mount /home partition but I want to remove some folders from home that may cause problems because Endeavour with last gnome updates is very buggy and works very slow. Can I get help what folders I need to remove from /home to make Garuda works fine after installation?

Well the best solution it to save your home partion to another drive then format laptop/install garuda, then transfer back what you need from your backup


If you re-use your /home, there is a pretty good chance you will transfer whatever problems you were having.

I agree with @TilliDie that it is probably better to backup only what you want to keep and then copy it back afterwards.


It will be good option but I have too much data and games on that /home drive. I must go tomorrow to work with it. I will leave only folders like Desktop, Documents, Downloads and .thunderbird, .mozilla and few other apps. I will delete all .gnome like folders.

I try to boot Garuda on my laptop with property Nvidia drivers but have black screen with blinking cursor. I try UEFI and legacy.
It run after some time with open source drivers.