Migrating from AMD drivers to Nvidia drivers

So my graphics card died, and since availability of graphic cards is a disaster right now I had to buy a GT 1030 cause I needed a quick solution, however I obviously didn't installed the Nvidia drivers beforehand (How could I know) so I don't know if when my card arrives it will boot Garuda at all. I just wanna know, what methods can be used to install the drivers so everything works as it used to?

An important note: My motherboard doesn't have an integrated graphics card, so it won't boot at all without the GT 1030.

Just try :slight_smile:

If not use live installer ISO and search in forum for garuda-chroot and mhwd --pci -li



Thanks :slight_smile: , and will try with chroot

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@SGS Thanks, works perfectly. Used the following commands on a live Garuda session to install the propietary Nvidia drivers

sudo mount /dev/my_disk /mnt
sudo garuda-chroot /mnt/@
sudo mhwd -a pci nonfree 0300

Nice to read :slight_smile: ,
I pass on the honor of the solution to you because you independently worked out and published the solution. :slight_smile:


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