Microphone Not Working

Good morning.

My microphone was working just fine until today, i have no clue what happened, i did not change any configuration manualy, but when i had a look at the sound/mic volume, i could see that it was different from before.

Can you guys help me, please? Here's the settings. Im on a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming. Cheers!

Did you update or install any packages?

I had that issue when my kernel (on either arcolinux or manjaro) updated to a 5.11, I just downgraded to 5.10 series. Though, I don't believe that on Garuda, we're tracking 5.11 yet?

5.11 isn't in the Arch repos yet, so no, it's not in Garuda either (unless linux-mainline is in ChaoticAUR...).


Only thing i did, was to install WPS. It's like, the system stopped recognizing my internal mic, and i don't have a external one.

I have no clue what's going on, but i tried to put a headphone, than appeared a new option, i took it out, and from that option i could config the internal mic, and it's working again. Itś like Garuda it's all confused about which mic is what... is it possible to delete that 2f80 option? That didnt appear for me before, and when i restart, it's becoming the main one, which has no sound.

Maybe? It really depends on your laptop and its setup (which only you know about).


Firstly our forum does not appreciate necrobumping old technical help requests. Perhaps if you'd been a member for more than 2 hours, and you'd read more than 2 posts you'd know that.

For an inaugural post I find it rather strange that you'd choose to resurrect an old thread and attack highly valued member of the Garuda community. This is rather indicative of you being either a troll or a complete fool, as this type of attack is not going to result in you ever receiving help on our forum.

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