Microphone Issue

The settings and applications are not detecting my mic in the headphone...my headphone worling perfectly bt not the mic....need help!

Try to use external headset and see if microphone of the headset is showing.

Is the mic connected? Is it a combined (three-ring) jack, and does the jack input support a microphone? Is it a USB headset?

More details required.

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yea i tried that too bt it is not detecting it...

Which version of Garuda you are using. Send the drivers details for microphone.

Did anyone solve this? I also have this issue: no driver for on-board laptop microphone or external headphones microphone. Speaker audio is fine on-board or via external buds.

Do I have to find a laptop linux driver ? Some apps state they are looking for the ALSA driver, but if I try to load the alsa settings, then I get the notice that i have to disable the pipewire which seems to be a garuda system default setting.