Menu bar appearing on top panel

I am sivarajan, I am new to Garuda Linux and Latte Dock .I found that application Menu is on top panel instead of in the application. I would like my applications(in this case I put konsole) to look like the below with menu bar.

instead of looking like this:

Please help me out.
Thank you in advance,


KDE do not like what we two like.
It is a KDE "feature" not a bug.

Yep I know it is a feature but I would like to have the default title bar look.

Just rightclick the terminal and search for the settings, afaik its not really hard to find :eyes:

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I don't find anything related to menu bar here.

Maybe the restore default settings button in the Garuda assistant could help here

it just stay the same. you see the file , edit ... menu? I want that to be inside of the application. Not on the top panel.

Ah I misunderstood the request!
This is the standard behaviour, I don't know, sorry...

it is alright.

Oh you mean all applications, I thought you meant Konsole only.
You need to find it in Latte dock settings, rightclick Latte and go for its settins (not the panel settings) and disable removing the menu bar from there. Then rightclick the upper Latte panel and remove the window buttons / appmenu Plasmoids which provide both in default configuration.

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is this the Latte Settings?

Yes. Should be found in preferences, left upper side. If you still cant find it remove this part from ~/.config/kwinrc & relog


yep I find that property there. It seems to overwrite my configurations when I relogin.

Are you using the LiveISO or Guest account?


Nope I installed it on a hardware and it is not a guest user account.

Do the change using Latte preferences (disable Use borderless maximized windows setting and logout/login to have effect.
You should clear $HOME/.cache/* before logout.

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Now i got the title bar to normal :slight_smile: Thanks. Now I need to get the menu (files, edit ...) to the tool bar please help.

Wait, why don't you just get KDE Barebones?

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But thing is I love this theme just don't like that menu appearing on the top panel that is all.

You can easily get that theme (Sweet theme ) on it.