Megasync loses settings after reboot

I face this in one of my systems (Garuda intel-nvidia390).
Each time I start the system and login, the sync folders I had previously set are missing and I have to re-add them.
I thought it might have to do with some system odd behavior, but today, checking upstream issues list, I found that there is a report for that from a Gentoo user, saying that it happens on his... Intel machines only :exploding_head:
This matches my case as well, but it sounds too strange.

Has anyone else noticed something similar, or can you check?

My megasync v.

Gentoo report version v.4.5.0 c11a688
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Perhaps set the config file immutable.

AMD here, sorry.


Intel i7-8700K here, and Mega has been behaving itself fine.

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If I find one I’ll tell you :laughing: . I’m still looking for it…


~/.local/share/data/Mega Limited/MEGAsync/

(I think…)

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You think right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nothing can make Megasync reset configuration to default.
The funny thing is it keeps a cfg.bak file, which is always reset, together with the active one. I wonder what’s the use of a backup then… :laughing:

I guess it’s a bug :bulb: !! I can only wait for upstream to fix it… :slightly_frowning_face:

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Sorry to necro this thread BUT I am that Gentoo user. I've recently thrown Garuda on my old AMD FX machine for gaming (all going well BTW) so I thought I'd test Megasync 4.5.3... same problem! So although on my Gentoo boxen I was only getting an issue with Intel, it's not Intel specific here.
I've had a bug filed with MEGA for months with no luck, I've been camping on v4.4.0 for ages but it's not ideal really. Just confirmed the issue is there on Debian 11 too. Maybe I should look at PCloud again...