McFly errors blah blah blah in terminal

repeatedly getting this message on sudo pacman -Syu or really any terminal input

McFly: Upgrading McFly DB to version 3, please wait...thread 'main' panicked at 'McFly error: Unable to add cm
d_tpl to commands (duplicate column name: cmd_tpl)', src/history/
note: run with RUST_BACKTRACE=1 environment variable to display a backtrace

searched and searched on google and duckduckgo and can only find people saying to google it and that the fix is out there. same results on this forum.

i.e. this garbage response I encountered two errors in the new version. I don’t know what they are and how to solve them


I do not like and use mcfly, so, if not already done, please remove it (mcfly).
Everything I need is already in fish. :slight_smile:

and @whybee

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The first thing to try is blah blah blah, and if that doesn't work then blah blah blah surely will. :wink:

So there's no way to get rid of this error message? Did two fresh reinstalls and I'm getting the same thing, removing mcfly removes all theming and tools and makes this distro look like trash.

I delete mycfly, it dos not touch my theme.
Post your pacman logs, please.

Did you remove through octopi with all dependencies or just through pacman?

I use only pacman,
pamac is fine fine like octopi for searching, but that is only the way I recommend.

actually that doesn't really help considering McFly isn't a package that can be removed with pacman -R, I can only find it with octopi and the the file mentioned in the post I linked doesn't exist.


pacman -Rdd mcfly

thanks so much for the help man but that just throws a whole neverending loop of crap about "fzf". I'll just check out manjaro, tired of messing with stuff.