Matrix finally connects to IRC as well! 🌐

Hello! :slight_smile:

After a long time (having planned this since ages) our Matrix instance is now finally bridged into an IRC network as well! :heart_eyes:
While we don't run our own IRC network, we have our official channel hosted at @sorcerer420's IRC nERDs and provide a webclient which is preconfigured (as in no signup needed, just enter username and start chatting) and ready to use at This means, its now possible to take part in our interconnected community chat without having to sign up for any service.
Apart from the #Garuda channel, there are also other channels to explore on this IRC network - everyone is welcome in this friendly community! :grin:

A big thanks to @TNE for taking the time to fix the Matrix server :partying_face:


Can we kick this matrix stuff users?
Bad for user statistic too. 20 Telegram user, 25000 irc user :smiley: .

Sorry, seems I am too old for this ...

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Thats kinda how the bridge works :thinking:

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Brilliant to see two platforms link together for a community. :slight_smile:


It's actually 3!
Matrix, telegram and IRC can all talk to eachother!





Forums topic are posted on telegram too....

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Great addition! Thanks folks!

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