Master Volume for applications

Hey guys, I am migrating from gnome/ubuntu distros and arch linux is a bit new for me...

I am using now Garuda KDE dragonized as a duo boot mahine, until I feel confident enough...

My Question/Issue:

How to change the master volume with the keyboard for all applications? I don[t want to have to go to each applications and change the volume individually, I'd rather have a master volume for all.

Tks a lot

Set a keyboard shortcut using the KDE settings.

Did you try a basic web search for this, e.g. ?


I did spend a few hours looking and searching into it... It does not work with Brave browser, only with Firefox...

If Brave is ignoring the system volume level then that sounds like a bug in Brave.


Did you try Plasma System Settings => Shortcuts => Sound volume (Assign custom shortcut)?


Tks guys. I have tried System settings > shortcuts > sound volume. As mentioned above it does not work with brave, just firefox. I will let it go for now.

I am spending more hours trying to use a kernel that does not crash as much as this 5.10 (have done everything that Arch wiki and garuda forum in order to change the grub menu but the new kernels installed are not available when booting)...

Either grub cannot complete building the menu because of errors, or you don't use Garuda grub, possibly multibooting.
Start a new topic for that and provide actual info and error messages.