Manual Disk partition

hallo i want to manual disk partipation but i still confuss,i have 1 tb hdd eufi and i want to split it into 3 part..system,data1,data2 can anyone help me how to make the manual participation,thanks..

You are going to need to provide more information.

Is this something you are trying to do during the install? Are you trying to do it post-install?

What does "system,data1,data2" mean? What is purpose of all those?

Share the output of sudo parted -l and lsblk -o name,type,fstype,size,mountpoint,uuid


in windows the,system file is on local disk c,and the personal data is on the local disk d,something like that,and i want my hardisk participation like that so its neat,did you get it bro?..sorry im newbie

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So the file system is not mixed with personal data

A few things:

  • Linux filesystem layouts are very different than Windows so I am not sure that will work the way you think it will.
  • You can probably do the same thing with btrfs subvolumes more easily.
  • You didn't answer any of the other questions or provide the requested output.

oke thank you for your help,sorry didnt answer the other question because i dont understand what that mean,thanks bro..

Let me try to explain in more detail.

This means: "Are you doing the manual partitioning during the install of garuda or are you doing this in a garuda you have already installed."

This means, "run these commands and copy paste the output here in a code block."

sudo parted -l
lsblk -o name,type,fstype,size,mountpoint,uuid

If you haven't installed the system yet you can run those commands from the live ISO.

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[email protected] in ~ took 4s
╰─λ lsblk -o name,type,fstype,size,mountpoint,uuid
sda    disk         931,5G
├─sda1 part btrfs   922,7G /var/cache d132a7c0-eb2d-449d-8a50-5903dd0ef39e
└─sda2 part swap      8,8G [SWAP]     371d6c48-45b3-4c73-969a-73875aea0162
sdb    disk iso9660  29,8G            2021-09-26-09-55-58-00
├─sdb1 part iso9660     6G            2021-09-26-09-55-58-00
└─sdb2 part vfat        4M            BF9B-A5FD
sr0    rom           1024M
zram0  disk           7,7G [SWAP]

i already installed it,if it cant be partitioning if i already instaled then i will reinstall to arrange the participation

In that case, my recommendation would be to create btrfs subvolumes for your personal data instead of using partitions

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Install gparted, select your drive and shrink it, to the size you want to keep your filesystem. (50gb if you can't decide). Then, apply changes.

Then, in unallocated space, create new partition, of type you like (ext4 / btrfs / ntfs etc. Search on web for more information. NTFS is generally recommended for newbies). Keep its size of the second partition you want.

Then, in the rest of space, allocate third partition.

(Don't forget to apply changes after each step)


thanks,you guys realy helped me,i will try now :+1: