Mangohud opening automatically in every vulkan program

How do I stop mangohud from opening in every vulkan program without uninstalling it?
I get this in the terminal when i open something made with vulkan

vkBasalt err:   no good config file
skipping config: /usr/bin/MangoHud.conf [ not found ]
skipping config: /home/rhiss/.config/MangoHud/vkcube.conf [ not found ]
parsing config: /home/rhiss/.config/MangoHud/MangoHud.conf [ ok ]
Selected GPU 0: AMD RADV NAVI10 (ACO), type: 2
MANGOHUD: Uploading is disabled (permit_upload = 0)
MANGOHUD: recreating font image

This tells you howto global and per application settings configuration.


If I remember correctly I have set the environment variable in


just edit this file and comment it out


Thanks! I had to comment both in and in to disable it.
Maybe this could be made into a toggle in the Garuda Gamer program?

I know you asked about the HUD starting automatically, but in case you need the shortcut to toggle it in-game it's Right Shift + F12.

Yeah, i know, but I had to disable it from autostarting since for some reason mangohud was trying to start with an android emulator of Android Studio, which just gave me errors.

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