Make wireless mouse to wake up from suspend/sleep on every reboot

when i suspend my system i cant use my wireless mouse to wake up but i solve it with

echo enabled > /sys/bus/usb/devices/1-1.3/power/wakeup

but how do i enable this command on every reboot (it also need root privileges to execute) so i don't need to type the commands after reboot?

You can use tmpfiles.d, for example:

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For suspend/sleep cases, a systemd service unit maybe better choice.
There are several methods to do what you want.
Read and adjust your preferred one.

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can you provide an example on this case?

Have you read the linked article? Why not? Lazy?

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im new to arch so there is something that i dont know like systemd

SystemD is the Engine that runs everything in an Archlinux/Garuda system. You have to start reading.

For your case that you know you can solve if you run a command, it seems suitable to use a systemd hook script. And is a perfect chance to start learning.
Read this and apply.


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