Make GNOME great again ;-)

It doesn't work on all hardware, do not ask why, I am lucky user, GNOME work on old AMD hardware from 2008. :slight_smile:

4 GB RAM, first install failed, second work.
So do not use any software other than calamares.
I make first screenshot, open terminal, open file browser, use neofetch.

First install, I move away from PC, show not "All done". Calamares was closed.
Second install, without using apps, work fine. All done window, reboot, work.

Magic or just Linux?


2.88 GB? :sweat_smile::rofl: :joy:

My nice old grey-blue eyes don't saw this value :slight_smile: .

Point me, but unused RAM is always wasted RAM :wink:

Ahh, maybe I open Firefox, then we know why it is a little more :wink:


I point to System space (partition)


So you had pretty much the same experience than last time. I suspect Calamares got killed first time as there were "quite a lot" of things running for a 4GB install with Calamares which needs a lot of RAM to do its job. :thinking:

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