Make a storage in live USB so I can also access with windows

I download Garuda OS and make a live USB bootable drive. Garuda doesn't support live persistence.
so the remaining storage is a waste approx 12 GB so I want to make a storage partition
that I can use as a normal USB to storage and also use the storage in live garuda.

Get over it, cause that's not gonna happen.

If that's your biggest complaint about Garuda, then you've hit the mother lode.

Cheers, and welcome to Garuda. :wave:


no, I am not complaining. I am just asking how to do that
although I am very thankful for the beautiful OS that your team has made

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Can't be done with standard methods. Possibly could be done if you wanted to get real creative.

You could simply use ventoy to add other Linux distros to get more usage out of your thumdrive. Some people have good luck using ventoy for adding other bootable options, and others have problems.

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I used Minitool partition wizard and i used the 12 GB unallocated space and create a new partition of it and I used NTFS and Logical.
it work and used as normal usb storage but cannot open the storage partition in garuda

Did you try mounting it using the mount command?

i dont know any command, but when i open in dolpin file it say mount error something

Dolphin will not automatically mount a drive without proper read/write permissions.

You need to read up on setting ntfs read/write permissions (man mount) with the mount command, and how to chown a drive in Linux (man chown) .

so i have to type the command in terminal "man mount" and then "man chown"

Yes, that will tell you how the commands work.

You can also look at the Arch Wiki, the information is all documented there.


Thank you in advance. i try and tell you the result

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fuse: mount failed: Device or resource busy

You can also try gnome disks utility to mount/unmount. I find it makes it easier.

Hi there, welcome to the community.

I think that what you are trying to achieve is not possible as of now. Actually, bootable drives are seen as ROM devices. So, obviously, you can't make another drive for it.
But my information may be outdated, because I read it somewhere years ago.

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Not cent percent sure will it work. But it's worth a try .I recommend to use extFAT for handling large file but if you have concern on corruption due to sudden unmount or power failure , you can use FAT32. Run lsblk to list and know which is your pendrive

Insert the pendrive you need to be multi partition

Run GParted and make a GPT partition table on the usb

Create a 1 MB BIOS boot partition unformatted (don't format until)

Create 300MB FAT32 EFI boot partition next to it

Create a Root partition enough for Garuda Linux ISO ( 2.3 GB for Dragonised version)

Create your desired file partition exFAT or FAT32 and label as data

Flag Partition 1 as boot_grub
Flag Partition 2 as boot,esp

Extract Setup ISO file contents to root partition on usb ( ~2.3 GB we created before)

Drag and drop the boot and EFI folders to EFI boot partition ( 300 MB FAT32 we created before)

Edit \boot\grub\grub.cfg by adding below line after menu entry word

set root=(hd0,3)

Install GRUB ,if in BIOS mode or Booted live or in uefi mode on installed system run below

sudo mount /dev/sdx2 /mnt

sudo grub-install --boot-directory=/mnt/boot /dev/sdx

Steps for bootable usb finished. For using it as pendrive label the exFAT or FAT32 partition as any name

Disclaimer : If the above step cause windows to read only the first partition( boot ) and not our data partition, just simply format the usb with data partition as first and Remaining steps same except set root=(hd0,4) instead of 3. Because windows reads first partition .

Reference : Ubuntu Forum : Modified steps for making Live Persistence and storage 2 partition

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