Mail - I has it!?

So every once in a while I get a notice in my term that I've got mail. WHERE is this mythical mail?! /var/mail -Nope, /var/spool/mail -Nope, mbox in home? -Nope...WHERE IS THIS MAIL! heh

What config is being loaded to check the mail in the term? Where is it checking? I can't find anything in my various rc files, grep has turned up nothing trying to find files that might have @localhost or something in them.

Could this be some kind of "message" to you as system admin from some service? See e.g.


Yeah I'd wager it's email from cron or SMART but again, there is no mail anywhere that is "normal" to me to be found. I read that post and tons others explicitly trying to find if there was some major difference between debian to arch for where mail is stored. I found one arch article that said use mail from the mailtools. The bin "mail" doesn't exist (nor is it in mailutils). Even if it did where would it look that I haven't already? I had hoped there was a path someone could give me that I could just cat the file...or delete it so the message goes away heh.

The explicit message says You have mail in /home/#user# but WHERE? What file? What is checking this to relay the message? I can't find anything in my .bashrc .profile /etc/profile...this is like a ghost!

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