This is probably a misguided request :grin: but I’m longing for something like LXqt-Hyprland (or LXqt-Sway). I’m using manjaro-sway on my desktop and mostly like it there, except for usability issues with sway. I’m now installing an infrequently used laptop and my last attempt with manjaro-sway on a laptop was an utter failure 'cause so much stuff didn’t work and I just can’t handle all the obscure CLI config when on the road when I’m not using it daily (the desktop’s config doesn’t change).

So I’m looking whether using something like LXqt to get a reasonable set of settings widgets for stuff from power management to wifi can make hyprland or sway usable for me. Widgets that change stuff that would be in the hyprland/sway config, such a output displays won’t work, but the rest should?

Of course right now LXqt doesn’t quite work on wayland but perhaps there is a similar set of stuff in another project?

Does what I’m looking for just not make sense? Any suggestions?

Well, combinig a wayland compositor with a DE is something I have never tried and won’t gonna try ever :sweat_smile:
But here is something :

Or if you don’t care too much of widgets then try from our hyprland and sway editions :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe someone from them would still be able to fill your desires … :wink:


It is certainly an unclear request. :grin:

It sounds like you want to use Sway, but you want more GUI tools because you are struggling a little bit configuring things manually.

The Garuda Sway spin includes a lot of GUI tools for stuff you mentioned (network management, display configuration, power management) out of the box. Install it and give it a try.

If you need guidance setting up tools like this on Manjaro, you should ask for help on the Manjaro forum.


Yup. I’s a barrier to entry. Laundry list while trying out garuda-hyprland (which is pretty awesomely done, congrats!):

  • trackpad scrolling direction
  • trackpad acceleration
  • auto-mounting SDcards / USB drives
  • setting up my keyboard (F keys don’t work, media keys don’t work)
  • power management settings

Yup, I know I’ll find these things with an hour of searching, it’s just that it makes it difficult to play with the distro to see whether I enjoy it. Garuda does actually have more GUI stuff than manjaro-sway, which is nice. It seems that all it needs is a small number of settings GUI applets plus putting them all together in one of the garuda-* apps so one can discover them easily.

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