Lutris / HGL — Is it possible to

I posted this over on the HGL subreddit but that place seems nearly dead and there haven’t been any responses in days. I’m going to repost it here in case anyone might know.

Hi all,
I searched the sub for this (and online) and couldn’t find an answer to this question.
I use Minigalaxy for installing my gog games (only library of games on my Linux PC) and only use Lutris for launching / playing because it tracks time. (Lutris is okay but it has a crap ton of extraneous features and integrations I don’t care about. I just discovered HGL and would like to give it a try because it seems more suited to what I want in a launcher.)
Is it possible to “import” the play time of my games from the Lutris app into HGL? (I don’t have a Lutris account, I simply use the app “offline”.)
On that same note, it is not possible to simply point HGL to my installed library on disk and it automatically import them, right? I also searched for that online and that seems to be the answer, but I want to double check. (It’s so tedious to have to set the location of each and every game I have installed, especially when they’re all installed to subfolders within one folder.)

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