Lutris Broken In Latest Arch Update Due To Protobuf

I just wanted to let the gamers know, in the lastest Arch update, Lutris (both stable and git versions) seems to be broken due to Protobuf version being outdated.

I can assure you Lutris supports Python 3.10.
Looks like there is an issue with Protobuf, likely caused by the fact we’re still stuck an old version of protobuf.
This is also going to be a problem on Arch.
@kacperpaczos if you want a quick workaround, uninstall the python-protobuf package from your distro and install protobuf with pip:
pip install protobuf==3.20.3

Issue #4897

Edit to add, not due to Protobuf I think, but it is a Python error. Waiting for support.


New Lutris update released and it appears the issue is fixed. :+1:


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