Love Garuda!

Hello all! Just made the jump to Garuda permanently from debain based distros like Kubuntu, and installing the Garuda Wayfire DE as we speak! I started using Linux off and on back in 2012, and picked it up consistently 3 years ago when I started to try and learn how to code (still learning too :sweat_smile:). I learned the apt package manager and was always afraid to go any further than that. Made the switch a couple days ago to the Dr4gonized Plasma, and fell in love with it. Plasma was a little stout for what I needed so I started downloading and testing the other DE's and came across Wayfire. Love love love it!! Hoping to get more familiar with Arch in general, and use this to get better at programming so I can hopefully help contribute down the road! Good to meet everyone!!


I've even themed my phone after Garuda! If Garuda were able to make an OS for mobile, I'd be jumping all over that!!


Welcome to the forum! That phone theme looks great!


I agree to both these sentences!
It's gonna be a warm day for you today @jpierce.coder judging by your weather. :smiley:


Yeah we're hitting temps where the "feels like" temp is up to 110! I'm over it. Lol

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Welcome :slight_smile:

Colder than mine, except that are degrees Celsius :wink:

Are there apps for Android that you have to make unrecognizable :slight_smile: ?
The place I can understand.

Oh just more so personal apps that I use, moreso did that out of precaution. :slightly_smiling_face: Not that I think you all would do anything bad or anything, but the field I'm studying for is infosec, so I got in the habit of doing that! I just scribbled out my Google folder and Telegram. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Tell me if I need to create a new forum topic in the appropriate area, but is there a reason my displays keep resetting? I have them stacked, but it keeps resetting to a side by side layout!

Yes please, and don't forget your




C'mon, we all know those were hyperlink shortcuts to your favorite porn sites. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

Welcome to the Garuda community. :wave:

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Thanks! I finally landed on LXQT, and love it just as much as Wayfire! Just working on figuring out some keyboard shortcuts that aren't working in another topic. Lol

Welcome to the Garuda Forum, your Phone looks great! :smiley:

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Don't ask me how I know... but there is a PH app for Android :joy:

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When you say PH, could you elaborate? :slight_smile: If it's something I can download, I'm all for it!

Teach Me Benedict Cumberbatch GIF

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It's a certain hub :joy: