Lost Firefox History after update

Hey, after some updates, my Firefox has been automatically set to clear history after browser close. I always set it back to not clear anything and restore previous state, but after some update, it is back and I lost all tabs and more.... Anything I can do to prevent updates to override my settings?

Apart from keeping backups of your settings file, not much I can think of. I would expect this will be a rare occurrence, however - my understanding is that this update was for the purpose of changing Firefox settings - some of them were causing problems with some users, as they were too restrictive for their use cases. Especially as, not having made those settings themselves, they were unaware of the probable causes of their troubles.

I thought also it will be just one time rare thing, but it happened second time in last 10 days... it is really pain... backing up settings file will not do anything, as main thing is that I am losing all tabs (and Tree Style Tabs hierarchy - extension I am using to manage all tabs)...


cat /usr/lib/firefox/distribution/distribution.ini

We had this setting as default like a few days ago although it quickly became reverted and moved to browser-settings-hardened

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