Login screen "loop" after latest update

Greetings everyone and thank you for this amazing OS.

I’ve been using Garuda Dr460nized for the past 4 months and it has been wonderful and stable, I update itthrough the assistant and never had any issues. Until yesterday, when I started an update as normal and now I’m stuck at a login screen loop where I can only login to tty3-6 (tty1 causes my monitor to go into standby mode). I’ve checked journalctl closely and I found a bunch of X11 errors right after sddm initializes, mostly code 1 and saying display:0 has a fatal I/O error (I dunno if it’s related), and also a bunch of errors saying Plasma couldn’t be started. I then just immediatelly tried to restore a snapshot from before the update, but it never really restores anything (might be because I’m running the command from tty? grub doesn’t show up during boot). I’m afraid to go and keep trying things on my own and end up destroying the system beyond repair. I’m posting this from my phone, I can’t run garuda-inxi as it also makes my monitor do into standby mode. I would have no problems reinstalling the OS but I really can’t lose my work-related documents and files, and code projects. Thank you guys in advance for any help! I hope the system isn’t already totaled at this point…

While we wait for others to weigh in let me ask a few things. How big is the drive you have Garuda on, and is Garuda the only thing you have on that drive? If it’s 200 gigs or larger and you’re using less than half of it for your current install I would install another copy of Garuda behind it, update it, install the apps that you have files you don’t want to lose from those apps and see if you can access those files from the newly installed Garuda.


It’s a 512GB ssd with only Garuda itself on it + a couple of AppImages and my projects/compilers for faster/quicker access than the secondary hard drives. On the secondary hard drive I have a very old install of windows server 2012 (with the only purpose being the ability to repair the ntfs file systems the harddrives are using, but when I do it, I first disconnect Garuda’s ssd so windows doesn’t interfere with it). Isn’t there risk of the same issue happening on the newly installed Garuda though? The files are under my home directory but not linked to any app in specific

Like most of the time, missing garuda-inxi*.
*Use live ISO or just last working snapshot, restore the snapshot, try updating again with garuda-update.

@NaN I am slightly relieved this does sound very much like the sddm login ‘loop’ I have. Although i did manage to reliably re-boot using a manually created Snapshot.

I have x11 errors as well. Although i did get Wayland to login a couple of times from the tty3

Lets hope we can find a solution

Forgive me @SGS but restoring from a working Snapshot and updating again just breaks it again.
The update breaks it.

Too bad, you’ll have to wait a little longer for the update.

I’m going to say the odds of the same issues cropping up are very low. I have my main Garusa and a copy I just installed after seeing your post to test and neither has any real issues. If anything my guess would be a third-party piece of software that caused you problems.

Greetings and thanks for responding, however garuda-inxi causes my monitor to sleep for some reason (not instantly, but in 2 seconds of running the command), and any of the snapshots do not seem to actually restore anything, even though it seems it tries to (theres output and no errors). When I get home, I can attach a picture of what it says, if I’m allowed to. Would using a Live cd be enough to at least recover my projects? I got no problem doing a fresh install if needed, I just can’t lose the projects. Would journalctl be of any help? All those fatal I/O errors (code 1) right after sddm initializes, has to be related, right? And weird how tty1 also causes my monitor to sleep… same thing happens with the startx command…

I have not installed any software besides pince and some visual studio stuff with winetricks, all I use are old windows portables through Wine and AppImages. I use the Monochrome global theme and a couple of kwin scripts, but that’s mainly it. Other than that I haven’t really changed/installed anything, nor running anything as root. Sorry for the double-post. My motherboard’s bios is also up-to-date (asus p8z77v Lx2 version 2501)

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Nah, inxi is a command line program for system information.
Its output can be useful when troubleshooting.

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@NeoRodin do you mean the system reboots / crashes before it completes the inxi?


Possibly, but the computer never reboots, it just sits there with no signal on screen until I manually reboot it via power button, so I have no idea if it crashes or actually completes inxi but can’t see because monitor is sleeping… I’m kind of lost, sorry, it’s my first time troubleshooting something like this on linux. I also noticed the login screen is using a different theme than it did before the update, and it loads the splash screen but the second it tries loading the desktop in, it kicks me back to the password prompt. Once I get home I’ll try to capture inxi again, should I try a different monitor just in case…? Or even a different port on my GPU? Journalctl did show a bunch of display:0 errors right after sddm initialized, and right after that, it said KDE failed to initialize too (something about missing Qt plugins). I’ll attach images of all that, won’t be long, and thank you guys so much for your time

My guess would be that the monitor is fine. And something in the OS broke. Most likely a third-party update. you can try switching things as far as the display or port you are using. At this point I do believe it’s anyone’s guess as to what is happening.