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Hello everyone.
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I want a small help from you guys. I am trying to change the login screen of gnome40. I am using Garuda gnome. I searched on google but I couldn't found any. They have only solutions for gdm3. But gnome 40 uses GDM 40.1

If anyone can help me I will really appreciate it.
Thank you

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have you looked at the GDM WIKI?

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Yeah I looked at it. But i am newbie. And I don't know about gresource. They are saying to write an script.
I have no clue from where to start.

Unless something has changed recently, modifying the GDM background is non-trivial. I wrote an application that did it a few years ago but it required modification with every gnome update so I stopped maintaining it.

There are some 3rd party applications that do it but I don't know if they have been updated for gnome 40 yet.

The short answer it is isn't something easily changed.


You should give Gnome Tweaks a try. It allows you to change more stuff than you can normally in gnome. Just search the Add/Remove Softwear and you should find it, or you can type sudo pacman -S gnome-tweaks in a terminal.

It doesn't provide login screen customization

Thank you for detail information. I was in search for such kind of application. But I don't think I can find any.

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You can change the "lock screen" image only. For a multi-user environment, it is not enough, but for a single-user workstation, you only see gdm screen once, at 1st login.

About the subject, you may read about the relevant Gnome issue.


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