Login Password doesn't work

Hey, i installed garuda linux 2 days ago since i am an arch linux lover, everything was going good until today when i turn on my pc and the actual password doesn't work after trying can u please help me solve this issue?

welcome to the forum. did you login to the guest account by accident? or did you change the desktop environment.

None of these i still have access to guest account but my main account doesn't work i get a password error, i haven't even changed my password


Do you have updated your system and snapshots in grub?

Then use a working snapshot.

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I'm still new to linux, can you please instruct me in order to solve the issue?

Boot your PC, in grub use arrow key and open with enter the (garuda) btrfs-snaphots use one of them.

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One last issue i had with every linux distro is that my cd-rom tray (the place where to put cd) keep opening by itself how can disable it?

It's a feature, I think not a bug.
If in BIOS the order is CD-HDD it will boot everytime from CD.

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I have lenovo touchpad laptop which use bios by default, is there anything i can do to stop this behavior?

Remove the CD :slight_smile:
Or read the manual, I have BD/CD but never self open.
Check your BIOS settings.
And google/duckduckgo about BIOS.


Alright thank u very much for the help, I'm in love with the distro i won't hesitate to ask if i have any issues


i have about the same issue when i try to loggin the screen turns black wich is normal but it schould go to my desktop then but now it just goes back to the login screen when i type a wrong password it tells me its the wrong password i have tried the grub to turn back to an older snapshot but im only using it for about 3 hours now so i only have 2 made and both of them do nothing.