Login Issue Garuda KDE Dr460nized

Hey guys,

I just installed Garuda KDE Dr460nized, I reboot after installation and I am greeting with login screen. I type my password, hit enter and see on the screen loading kernel message and nothing happens. Seems there is some issue loading KDE. I restarted, switch to TTY and did a update and restarted, but issue is the same. Neither my user nor the root account logs into KDE. Any ideas?

In tty, try

sudo systemctl start sddm.service

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Hey Naman,
Thank you for the welcome.
I tried this, the result is that it takes a while until I get the Loading kerne; / ramdisk message.

So I checked the desktop option and switched from Plasma (wayLand) to just Plasma and that helped...

Thanks for your help!


Oh, yes.
Many users have reported errors in wayland.
Sometimes panel does not show, Sometimes it is icons, etc.

We will replace it with xorg.


Its already removed from the package list.
Maybe we should add this to FAQ as well :ok_hand:


Since you are already here. In Alacritty when trying to use alias ll it complains about exa missing. Once installed, it works in Konsole, but Alacritty does not use it.

Also yesterday I installed Lutris, wine etc and when starting a game through wine, it felt it has an orange overlay. Not tested again this morning, but what could be the cause and how to get rid of it?

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It does work tho. But you are right, exa is missing on the package list. added. :slight_smile: