Lock one layout after locking the screen in SDDM

Hi there!

I wonder how to disable layout switching after locking the screen i n SDDM?

When I boot up - I have only US layout and its fine.

When I'm working and I want to leave my workplace for some time - I always lock my screen with Meta + L. If I were not on the US layout when I blocked the screen, when I'm coming back - I always fail to login first time and have to switch layout to US and then login. That's pretty annoying.

Can I configure SDDM to use only one layout (US)?
I use KDE if it helps.

This may help understand how it works.

SDDM - ArchWiki (archlinux.org)
Gentoo Forums :: Voir le sujet - [solved] KDE/sddm keyboard layout

I found out Google has LOTS of results about "keyboard layout in SDDM", I don't think you are the only one with this question. :smiley:


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