"Loading initial ramdisk" Can't install a Garuda Linux GNOME Fresh in a HP Laptop

The new version of Garuda lacks updated tuturial to install without so many surprises. (When you start the installation, it does not start completely, it freezes on the initial screen) I try other distros and they settle naturally. (Ubuntu, for example) instead Garuda, from a .iso downloaded a few days ago was allowed to install but then when updated, after finishing the process; restarts and then presents the prompt of: "Loading initial ramdisk"

  1. Please adhere to the post template. Read it again.
  2. Have you tried a different kernel?
  3. Have you tried rebuilding the initramfs? Chroot into your installation from the Garuda ISO and run sudo dracut --regenerate-all --force (if this does not work, then you might be running the previous garuda version. Try sudo mkinitcpio -P)

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