Live usb gets stuck on boot

I want to install Garuda but the live usb gets stuck during boot.

Proprietary drivers get stuck at "finished live media keyring setup" but PC is still responsive. Read online to use open source drivers when this happens. But..

Open source drivers options get stuck at "reached target graphical interface" and PC becomes unresponsive. Read to alt f2 and put in some commands but since PC is unresponsive I can't.

I've let it sit for over 10 mins each time it got stuck to see if it would boot but nope it didn't.

Edit: Hardware is intel i5-9600kf and geforce rtx 3060

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What's the full name of the ISO you are using? I am asking for full name of the ISO which would be something like this garuda-hyprland-linux-zen-230625.iso.

Please note that if you are using the KDE dr460nized gaming edition of garuda then try to use the "normal" KDE dr460nized ISO since the gaming ISO has been causing issues for unknown reasons for a while. You can download every software in the gaming ISO using the preinstalled garuda gamer.

However, if this is not what you are using then,

Since you can switch TTY via pressing ctrl+alt+F2 You will have to enter the live ISO username and password to access this TTY.
Username: garuda
password: garuda

The password won't be visible while typing.

Try to post your garuda-inxi which will help us gain more insight into what's wrong with your system. To do that you can:

  1. Start the network manager service to connect to the internet
sudo systemctl start NetworkManager.service
  1. connect to your wifi network with

command this will help you access termbin from your system

  1. paste your garuda-inxi to the termbin
garuda-inxi | nc 9999

This will output a URL please post it here.


Iso is garuda-dr460nized-gaming-linux-zen-230501.iso


:point_up: Please try. ISO link


Using the other ISO worked. I was able to install it but after updating it wont boot. It gets stuck at "Loading initial ramdisk". But I can boot into recovery mode.

Plymouth-git update has brought some breaking changes which results in this. Please read the thread above.


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