Live Long and Prosper

Oh hey look, yet another 'Hi, I'm new' post. Never gets old though, am I right? Just means the word is getting out about this distro and it's community.

Hello there. I'm Drake. I am not a rapper! I'm from central Florida, US. I have 'tinkered' with Linux off and on for many years. I've forgot more then I know about everything so I always consider myself a noob.

In the wake of Steam's proton and the ever increasing ability to play good games on Linux, I've decided to finally ditch windows and go Linux full time. I started off on Pop, I've played with Mint in the past. I've even tried Ubuntu raw. I use Ubuntu server for game servers. I'm not scared of the command line at all. However, this will be my first real adventure into an Arch based distribution. I have chosen Garuda for a few reasons. It's been hailed as the 'distro for gamers'. It looks freaking amazing...but what it really boils down to is the word 'dragonized'. Yep, I'm a dragon nerd. :smiley:

This is my 90 day challenge to myself. To use and learn Garuda as best I can for at least 90 days. Not to give up when I get stuck on silly annoyances. If all goes well, I'll have found my home and can stop distro hopping.



And thanks for not being a rapper.
You'll be good with Garuda, glad to hear you are comfortable with the command line.
First Arch for me too, I'm thinking why did I wait so long.
Invest some time reading the Arch wiki, it's time well spent.