Live-Installation-Environment Wifi Problems (KDE Dragonized Gaming Edition)


As described in the title I have problems with my wifi-card(Intel® DualBand Wireless-AC 9260, MSI B450 GAMING PRO CARBON WIFI) initializing the Wifi part within the live environment. As I want to install software via Calamares, getting Wifi to work would be great. The drivers(.xz) are in /lib/firmware, and Bluetooth works for some reason, but Wifi not.

If there is a way to not have to connect my computer via ethernet any help would be appreciated. If I have to connect it to ethernet during installation it isn't the worst in the world, but then Wifi would have to work afterwards.

ip link only gives back lo and enp24s0, the ethernet port.

Edit: The Wifi-Card works without problems on Ubuntu and on its live installation medium.

Many thanks in advance.

It sounds like you might have to switch to a different kernel for now.

If this is an option you should do it, just to get through the installer. Once it is up you can install the LTS kernel and my guess is your card will work just fine.


You can use your wifi on your cell phone instead of Ethernet. It's called USB cellular phone tethering and it's pretty simple on most Android phones.


Ok thanks, can I just choose it in the installer or do I have to install the kernel after installing the OS?

Thanks a lot

Wait nvm I'll see it when I install it

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