Live boot gets stuck on 2011 Mac Book Pro


I am trying to live boot the latest iso of Garuda linux dragonized version on my Mac Book Pro 2011 and it hangs up after the following output:

I have set the following kernel parameters:
And removed quiet and splash for the output.

Any support is very much appreciated, I would love to try out this distro! :slight_smile:


Can you please try to switch to tty and using,

sudo systemctl start sddm.service

Thanks for your quick response. I switched to TTY2 and typed the command, but nothing happened when I switch back to TTY1, it is still stuck at the same lines from the first screenshot.

Here is the terminal output of TTY2:

Why? Are you experienced Linux user?
Do you know what those kernel parameters do?

Comma or point in

sudo systemctl start sddm.service

in your screenshot?

Without radeon.modeset=0 nothing would happen at all, just a black screen. This is apparently a known issue with these 2011 Mac Book Pros:

I typed a point, not a comma.

You haven't answered my questions.
And a few more:
Have you read that linked article?
What would you expect as a solution?
Why haven't you explained this issue from 1st post?


Okay, thank you!

That is not any answer. Why?

But why disable Intel as well?
Try with

radeon.modeset=0 i915.modeset=1

I have tried this combination as well, same behavior.

Have you read and followed the requirements for this hack, linked at your link?


Thanks for the link, but isn't that hack to recover a Mac Book Pro with broken GPU that won't boot into Mac OS anymore? In my case, I'm not trying to boot/recover Mac OS, I'm only trying to live boot into Garuda.

Furthermore, my Mac Book was affected by this hardware defect of the AMD Graphics Card. Apple replaced the AMD Graphics Card within their replacement program and since then I didn't have any issues with this Graphics Card in Mac OS.

My Issue to me looks like the Garuda Live Boot fails at the very end to load up the Desktop Environment. Note, that I was able to access Garuda in TTY with no issue (see 2. screenshot above).

Couldn't this be related to a video driver issue?

It was in your link to Archwiki. You haven't read it. Please, do. It says it is what you have to do, if you want to "hack"/trick the system.

Exactly a video driver issue, it seems. TTY has to graphics.

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