Linux Macro recorder

Im searching for a Macro recorder for Linux, i want to repeat a simple mouse movement/click action.
I tried atbswp but doesnt really work for me, its unperformand and buggy.

Always a good idea to check alternativeto for something that may not suck and had been off radar.


and now please read my question again. I hate people who cant read.
Since i Somehow cant reply anymore (i cant find the button) i edit this message.
Yeah i really owe you an Apology. I misunderstood your message.

Please moderate the tones, there is no reason to “hate” someone who is trying to help.
I don’t even see the point: if I understand correctly, you:

And @anon92996653 proposed alternatives to atbswp for Linux.
I’m not enterinng into the discussion on those packages, but I don’t see the point to start a polemic…


Learn some forum etiquette.

You owe @anon92996653 an apology for your rude response, (when he was only attempting to help you).

If you wish to deal with others attempting to help you in this manner Reddit is the place for you to take you help requests…


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