Linux/AMDgpu good news:

Seems Kernel 5.12.14 has cured the issue of the GPU running at 100% all the time. (Zen tested, likely every variant, though). Batteries in all laptops heave a sigh of relief.

FYI, Happy Gaming, may the luck of the Seven Pillars of Gulu be with you at all times.


Mine never ran at 100%, you mean it will powersave without ppfeaturemask?

Nope - there was a bug that would push the GPU clocks to 100%, making the card gobble energy. I don't think it effected all AMD cards, by my Vega 56 and RX 5600M were effected. It showed up in 5.12.13

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I'm starting to think that 5000 series have woes on Linux, well in Windows too

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