Light (not dark) theme

I have just looked at your distro. Well done, guys. It looks solid and well designed. That is what Linux lacks so much. I want to express my respect to your team and especially to the designer.
But I'm not a fun of dark themes. And I think many people too. So I switched to standart "breeze" theme. And then Garuda lost its charm. It became just another linux distro. So I would like to see another awesome theme or something similar in light colors. If you do this, I think it will be very useful for the project. From a marketing point of view, you should estimate what percentage of people use a light theme.
With best regards, arch user.

Well garuda is basically made for what we maintainers want
not for
What majority think they want.

I for one do not like light themes.
When you use computer for extended amount of time you will notice.


there is a sweet theme that can be downloaded that is light and not dark.



In case you haven't noticed, it's all FOSS :slight_smile:



Garuda will now be found a GmbH u Co. KG to fulfill customer requests against payment. :wink:

This is an incredibly succinct statement. It embodies the Arch philosophy of User Centrality. Garuda, like Arch, does not strive to be User Friendly, a Linux term meaning a distribution that vigorously tries to adapt to the demands of its users.

In Linux, Developers mostly work to scratch a personal itch. Many give back to the Linux Community by sharing their work. And so it goes.

To me, this is the personal freedom that Linux promises.



As already mentioned by Librewish, if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen (like a dev) you truly appreciate a dark theme.

When I was younger I hated dark themes and couldn't possibly see how anyone would want to use one. As I got older I began to realize how much easier they were on my sensitive aging eyes. Now I couldn't do without the dark themes on all my devices. Bright themes are just to hard on my eyes now that I'm older.

There's another thing I find dark themes are good for, (although this may just be a personal bias). Some Linux apps don't look as polished as professionally created Windows software that costs a lot of money. I feel many Linux apps just look far better in a dark theme to me. IMO some GUI Linux apps look really clunky or outdated in a bright theme, but in a dark theme (to me) the appearance looks far more polished and professional. Again maybe that's just me, but I'm betting I'm not the only one that feels this way.


The beauty of open-source, is you can make it look like what you want. Feel free to research, install and try, and tinker. If you like what you have, consider releasing it to help other people with similar tastes.
Until you're paying for it, the most you should be offering is something along the line of 'I would like to add my vote for XYZ feature. Thank you for all you do.'


Yeah some people such as developers have to stay up a lot even all night, I don't think its possible to survive at night with dark mode. Maybe an auto light/Dark mode switcher?

There's a distro that has that as the default theme based on geolocation..can't remember which just right now though.

With Mint, I always enjoyed shades of grey, Equilux was nice, then I found Bolimage - his 'Ultimate Dark', Obscure, great themes and better than Mint-Y-Dark (less dark).
Later Manjaro - lovely colours, a bit darker and still nice.

For some reason I never managed to fit with any design or color scheme for long - I always mashed up my own. Thankfully (with Timeshift) I can pull stuff in from anything I ever used/liked simply by copying... like my xcursor-chameleon cursors (now orphaned in AUR, alive and well in my /usr/share backups).

However, I love the way KDE takes color schemes...
So now I use Breeze as Global, then Breeze with Transparency for plasma which follows colour scheme, Application style is 'Lightly' which I got from git, and has a few unique settings. I also use Material decorations because that lets me put a menu right in the titlebar.

So really, the only thing I need to do is to hit the menu, type colour, and I can pick any scheme I like.

Right now I'm in love with 'Card' which is a kind of library card colour scheme... and it fits perfectly with breeze-solarized-light GTK theme (works well with guayadeque).

Icons are breeze-chameleon and adapt to colours too.

So here you go, just get colours and use themes that adapt:


Evening... same theme, just comfortably murky/grey colours.

find your .local/share/color-schemes folder.
Paste these: Dropbox - File Deleted
Make life easy :wink:

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Last comment for this thread....
Install 'PlasmaConfigSaver'.
Then you can change the whole shebang with a clickety click (for example, choose plasma setup with colours and also panel/latte layouts. I just tried it with a 'dark-work-unity' style after saving my current 'library' style. It's good - despite not having a thumbnail to add to the title/description (yet) :wink: