Librex Search Engine

Hi, wonderful community :+1:t3:

I just found this interesting alternative to Whoogle and SearX

It works blazingly fast (at least this instance) and offers a couple of small benefits.


Its extremely fast ! , that’s the real deal .


Yeah, I wasnt sure if that is just this instance.
I use DuckDuckGo, because our SearX instance is so slow, and that’s kinda ironic.

Are there any reasons, to not switch to Librex?

Actually there is no real reason to do so , its yet another search engine and the torrent/tor search results is little messy at least for now , duckduck go or duckduck go lite can do the job with JS disabled .

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Well, its yet another search engine thats faster than those, that we currently use.

Just one question, does it stores my search history ?

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I doubt that, as RMS uses it.

On another note:

  • Bang search (e.g.: !yt linux)
  • Popular social media sites (YouTube, Instagram etc.) are replaced with privacy friendly front-ends

Bang search is one of these things, that time and time lead me back to DuckDuckGo.
And the redirection to privacy aware alternative front ends can be coupled with those that Garuda itself hosts?

Looks like another web services candidate! Any insights on the accuracy of search results yet?


I think I will use thing as default in firedragon :grin:

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Ooh but Librex or Websurfx? I’d love to see a comparison of the two :wink:
Also wow, this instance of LibreX is super fast on my Aussie internet too! Here’s a seal of quality :bro:

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Websurfx looks like it has great potential, but it feels quite unfinished and has a few bugs I consider deal-breaking:

For those who want to play around with it there is an instance at, which wasn’t announced yet due to the before-mentioned issues.


Ahh I see, yeah those are definitely deal-breaking bugs.
Opening that websurfx instance without Darkreader though is like looking into the sun btw… ^^;; that default theme won’t change, as per the bug LOL
but maybe since there’s no official announcement about it, it’s a good deterrent for those thinking to use it regularly :joy:

Unfortunately it’s slower than the aforementioned LibreX for me, probably an instance location issue :frowning:

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And where is our Garuda instance of Librex? :stuck_out_tongue:

The one above is from one of the core maintainers of Xenia Linux, by the way.

I’m considering it already. The speed is pretty convincing tbh. There is this fork though, which looks like its adding useful features:


Oh yeah, 666 commits, what can go wrong :smiley:

Joking aside, this looks super curious to me. :+1:t3:

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